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Urgent Prayer Request in Liberia, Progress in India, and WOL's Financial Philosophy...

Posted Sep 15, 2015

Liberia needs your prayers where the Church is being bullied and persecuted once again. Plus, good news out of India, and a snippet about how Water of Life spends those generous donations.... Keep Reading

Let's call over to India, shall we? The results of Roland's Crazy Wild Dream (& video!) enclosed...

Posted Aug 31, 2015

Water of Life donors were exceedingly generous for Roland's 65th Birthday. Watch Roland share the good news (and that BIG announcement you've been waiting for!) with Pastor Praveen over in India...... Keep Reading

Can we get an AMEN & Some More Fireworks?!

Posted Aug 24, 2015

You may have celebrated America's freedom last month, but thanks to July's water projects, nearly 20,000 more people can now celebrate their freedom from diseased water. Here's three villages forever changed with clean water and the Go... Keep Reading

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