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What can YOU do?

Posted June 30, 2015 |0 Comments

Water of Life just shipped the Third Drill Rig over to Liberia in FAITH that God will provide!... Keep Reading

Dave Crockett recently returned to West Africa and reports back on the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, and what Pastor Alphonso Barry & the Water of Life Sierra Leone crew are up to next.... Keep Reading

Here's some BIG news coming out of West Africa... Ebola, Father's Day, and checking places off the map...!... Keep Reading

I hope as you celebrate MOM, whoever that may be in your life, we all take the opportunity to reflect on all the hard-working women of the world and just how much they do for their families (whatever form those may take!)... Keep Reading

Easter in India

Posted April 7, 2015 |0 Comments

Hosanna in the Highest! Well THAT was a Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN INDEED! Praising God for the safety of Pastor Praveen and the 3,265 pastors across India that baptized 600,003 Indians this Easter weekend! There were no safety issue... Keep Reading

We had a great time at the Annual Impact Celebration last week. Hope you didn't miss it!... Keep Reading

HE is mighty to save! Here's a life transformed and a family spared!... Keep Reading


Tags: India, Gospel

Praising God for a Great BIG 2014! Let's see what He'll do This Year!... Keep Reading

There is an ABUNDANCE of miraculous, joy-inducing reports to share of the GREAT BIG YEAR that was 2014 for the Water of Life well-drilling crews and pastors across West Africa and India. For now, here's a snippet from Pastor Praveen's year-end report. Hallelujah!... Keep Reading

The 25 Days of Christmas

Posted December 29, 2014 |0 Comments

We're counting down the days until Christmas by celebrating with a look at 25 wells drilled across West Africa and India this year!... Keep Reading

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