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Water of Life

204 Randall Street
Greer, SC 29651

You're not going to want to miss the 100 Wells Banquet in October. Here are just TWO totally awesome things that you won't want to miss! Read on for the exciting details...... Keep Reading

If your workplace uses the United Way to donate to charity, you CAN designate your pledge to Water of Life. Here's how!... Keep Reading

Heartfelt prayers for our brothers, sisters, well-drilling teams, local pastors and ministry partners in West Africa as they try to control the mass panic created by the enigmatic spread of the Ebola virus.... Keep Reading

Gathering both local and international attention, the Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa is the worst in history. But should we be afraid?... Keep Reading

We've integrated a NEW Well-Repair program in Liberia and the results and outreach are amazing!... Keep Reading

The gift of freedom was not given without price. And because of Christ's eternal work in our lives, and the religious freedom we have, we can share this gift with those in even greater need.... Keep Reading

100 Wells [PREVIEW!]

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Coming in October: We found it. And we want you to get active where God is working, too.... Keep Reading

As You Go.

Posted June 16, 2014 |0 Comments

Some helpful articles on what you need to know before taking a short-term missions trip or helping in the local community this summer.... Keep Reading

This weekend we will be observing Father’s Day. It’s amazing how fast the year is passing! Father’s Day is always a two-fold celebration for me. First, I rejoice with my earthly father, recognizing the day that is set... Keep Reading


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With a brand new well, villagers in Nemmikallu, India can now be confident of their health.... Keep Reading

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